The Best Books About Gambling

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Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of gambling for fun, strengthen your gambling skills, or find inspiration, reading some of the most well-written books that give you both entertaining and informative knowledge is the way to go! Here you will find a list of must-read books to find out what is happening within the walls of the casino and find inspiration for your luck.

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Top 10 Books: All About Gambling

  1. House collapse

Written by Ben Mezrich and published in 2002, this story is about a blackjack team and Kevin Lewis, an MIT student, trying to steal huge sums of money from a Las Vegas casino. Throughout the film, we accompany him in every choice he makes, from the moment he decides to join the squad to the moment he thinks it’s time to leave. An exciting story showing us how a student managed to beat the house and make huge profits!

  1. The biggest bluff

Written by Maria Konnikova and published in 2020, this story tells the story of the author’s unexpected quest to succeed in the era of high-stakes poker. She has earned over $311,000 and her winnings continue to rise month after month as she continues to play professional poker games and manages to beat her competition time and time again. As a psychologist, she continues to research and write to make a living while keeping poker as one of the many pastimes she enjoys off the sidelines. This is a gripping book that tells the story of how one woman went from being a beginner to one of the most feared women in the world of poker.

  1. Luck Formula

Written by William Poundstone and published in 2006, this intriguing read follows the author, William Poundstone, as he explores the influence of one of the world’s leading information theorists, Claude Shannon, in the fields of finance, investment, and gambling. HOW the characters in the book tested their beliefs, from Las Vegas blackjack and roulette they started trading on Wall Street and they came out on top. For those who love sports betting and casino games, Formula of Luck is undoubtedly one of the best books written about gambling that you can find on the market today.

  1. A man for all markets

This book, written by renowned mathematician Edward O. Thorpe and published in 2017, follows his invention of a card counting method that allows him to prove how you can beat the dealer in a game of blackjack. As a result of his astonishing success and mathematical support, the casinos changed the laws of the game in an attempt to defeat him and his followers, whom he called to follow him.

  1. Thorpe then turned his attention to Wall Street, where the development and use of mathematical formulas to defeat the system was initiated by Thorpe himself. The story of Thorpe’s discoveries and methods, as well as the curiosity that has always driven him to challenge conventional wisdom and invent game-changing solutions, is told for the first time in this book.
  1. Jonathan Little No-Limit Hold’em Outstanding Achievement: This book takes a detailed look at the strategy of successful no-limit hold’em and is ideal for beginners and intermediate players who want to improve their game. Little covers topics such as bankroll management, bluffing, playing position, and understanding player types.
  1. Winning at the Casino: Gambling Strategies for Consistent Winnings at Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and More by Avery Cardoza: This book is perfect for players who want to maximize their chances of winning. With roulette tips, blackjack strategies and more, this guide is an invaluable resource for every player.
  1. The Psychology of Gambling by Tony Myers.

In this book, Myers provides a comprehensive overview of the psychology and behavior of gambling. It also explains how to manage risk, develop strategies, and understand your motivations for gambling.

  1. Defeat the Dealer by Edward O Thorp.

This classic book is considered one of the most important books ever written on blackjack strategy. It provides a comprehensive overview of card counting and advanced betting strategies, making it ideal for experienced players looking to take their game to the next level.

  1. Gene Scott “Thrifty Gambler”

This book is full of advice on how to get the most out of gambling on a limited budget. Scott gives advice on finding the best deals and using casino winnings, as well as strategies for playing slots, craps, video poker and more.

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Benefits of Reading Books on Gambling

Reading books about gambling can be a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of the game. Not only will you learn more about the different strategies and techniques, but you will also get an idea of how the game works and what makes it tacos.and attractive to the players. Reading books can also provide valuable money and bankroll management tips, as well as tips on setting limits and understanding odds. In addition, the books contain interesting facts and figures about the gambling industry that will help you understand the game better. By reading about gambling, you will also be better prepared to make informed decisions when playing at real casinos or online gaming sites.